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The Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron was formed in 1946 by the United States Navy. The unit is the second oldest formal aerobatic team (under the same name) in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. The Blue Angels' McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornets (numbered 1–6) are currently flown by five Navy demonstration pilots and one Marine Corps demonstration pilot.

A person said this in a review: "The Blue Angels are a nonsense, is a money spent by the government that could be used in useful things. is a historical rubbish that has never served for anything".


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Airframe & Powerplant worker (Former Employee) says

"company went out of business 3 years after I started due to mismanagement. Was a disorganized mess. Paydays were missed and things were done wrong if done at all."

Avionics Chief Inspector/Accountable Manager (Former Employee) says

"out of business out of business but a good place to work overall, just very demanding like most jobs however they went out of business a few years back"

albert cole says

"Watch almost took 3 months to be fixed. When item was received it was damaged. Was told that I have to wait another month for the replacement part to fix the damaged part of the watch that I received back."

nadasdi7 says

"They are not good at what they are doing, based on my two experiences. After I placed an order, an automated email stated that orders are fulfilled between 7-14 days, sometimes even faster. I reached out after a month and multiple emails later, they said it will be between 4-8 weeks for 2 watch bands, but it's never 4 weeks.I feel like I am ordering watch manufacturing equipment, not a poorly made watch band worth $80, that lasts less than 12 months. On first occasion I ordered, I cancelled the order after 2 months and got a new Citizen watch instead, but due to quality of the band I now have two bandless watches and tons of pointless emails that don't provide an actual ship date as if pigeon mail is used. Questionable supply chain and non-existent customer service make this company appalling to deal with. They do take payment in advance of course."

ACTS says

"They tried to up-sell me and they didn't return all the parts to my watch that I had sent them. A simple repair on a broken stem was quoted at more than the value of the watch, which makes absolutely no sense at all. I hate to throw a potentially usable watch away, one that cost north of $100.00, but I don't see any sense in paying more to get a watch fixed than it cost in the first place (or cost to replace and have a NEW watch under warranty) either. At every stage of the following account I corresponded with Hurley Roberts Co. to be certain we were understanding each other and that I wasn't making assumptions or mistakes of miscommunication.As I write this review I'm checking back with that correspondence and my notes to be sure I'm not overstating anything here. There are people who write unreasonable or unrealistic reviews and criticize businesses unjustly. I'm not one of them. I've archived their correspondence and can support what I'm saying here. The reason they gave for trying to up-sell me is that the watch had damage that required the whole case be replaced. When I got it back I looked at the damage they were talking about (under a microscope, just to be sure I was seeing it properly, we're talking about the very tip of the stem tube if anyone is curious) and it's nothing any competent human being with some basic small hand tools couldn't dress up in a few minutes. It's just not that much tiny, microscopic damage that the watch couldn't be repaired and rendered operational again. I'm an IT pro and a business owner, I've soldered jumpers on CPUs back in the day -- If I can do that then putting this stem tube back to specs is something any watch repair company should be competent to do. It doesn't matter what lame excuses they want to offer, this is a con-job. They didn't say "Citizen requires this kind of repair for this kind of damage" and had they said so that would be between them and Citizen. IF Citizen wants that kind of repair THEN Citizen should not charge more for an empty discontinued model watch case than a whole new watch costs. Either way, this failure point is on Hurley Roberts. They may have a lot of good reviews but that doesn't mean they don't screw up. In the course or our half dozen or so email exchanges they had plenty of opportunity to remedy this screw up, if that's what it is, and they failed to do so. I asked them for remedies and they provided none nor seemed interested to make this right. After all of that when I got my watch back missing the crown and stem I had sent with it, what am I supposed to think? That these guys are customer service aces? I told them that their charge was too high and was more than the watch was worth, they didn't budge from their up-sell. They didn't say something like "We can do it but it won't an authorized repair and it won't be warrantied but it will cost about _____ as much and you assume the risk." At this point it doesn't really matter because I'm NOT paying more than the cost of the watch when new to get the stem fixed. So I asked them what could be done about this and ... Their solution was to generously offer to "allow me" to "trade-in" my busted watch for a new model at 50% off the price. Which sounds reasonable, after all if the watch could be replaced for a sizable discount that would be a satisfactory solution. Which is how I looked at it until I saw the prices they were quoting. They're using the MSRP/listed prices from the online Citizen Watch catalog, which is way, way high compared to real life prices*. Even with the 50% discount prices came out to be significantly higher than the exact same models could be bought on Amazon. Not only that but the wait to get a "discounted" watch from them was weeks instead of days and the order once placed could not be changed or cancelled. Bear in mind that we're talking about a drop-ship from Citizen Watch or a purchase from Amazon, both online transactions and both apples not apples and oranges. So they're charging more for less with their "discount" and real-world prices are lower than they're offering at 50% off. Adding insult to injury when I pointed this price discrepancy out they told me that the "benefit" of buying my "discounted" watch through them was that they're an "authorized retailer" of Citizen watches and that the warranty may be void unless I bought my watch from an authorized retailer. Which of course implies that Amazon isn't authorized and it's a gamble to buy a Citizen watch there. Yeah, it might cost a little more to buy through an authorized dealer but you're not gambling with the money spent on the watch so ... Looking at the listing of authorized retailers on the Citizen Watch USA website it turns out Amazon is an authorized retailer TOO. Go ahead and count up the shady practices in the above paragraphs and you'll see they tried to screw me over AT LEAST 4 ways no matter how you look at it, in this single transaction. If you choose to trust a business like that it's your own problem, I'll never do business with these guys again. Hurley Roberts seems pretty proud of their business but from where I sit at this point none of that pride is justified. A lot of people might not do the due diligence I've done and just decide that once they sent the watch off they would just pay whatever it cost to fix it. A lot of people might not bother to cross check prices. A lot of people wouldn't have bothered to check the "catastrophic" damage that Hurley Roberts claimed merited this exorbitant fee to cover repairs. A lot of people might get pulled in with a 50% discount offering. A lot of people might have been scared off with unfounded warnings about void warranties. I have no idea how many people get their entire watch back if they don't engage Hurley Roberts to fix it but I do know I'm not one of them. Hurley Roberts presented me no good options. Hurley Roberts tried to rip me off several ways and succeeded in one because they didn't even return the whole watch that was sent to them. They tried to boost me for around $100 and thanks to the information age and the internet I'm sure this review is going to cost them a lot more than that because it is an opportunity to expose a callous, underhanded business operator to the entire market they serve. Beware. While they may not be full-on scammers they're a long way from trustworthy people who deserve your confidence. I'm not lying, engaging in hyperbole or exaggerating in this review and if they'll do this to me they can do it to you too. "Rest assured" that any reply you see from Hurley Roberts to this highly negative review will attempt to make them sound like righteous captains of industry and bandy empty, worthless commitments to "make this right". Like my dear departed Dad used to say, "If you don't have time to do it right the first time when are you going to have time and opportunity to do it over?" It shouldn't take a scathing review to get them to do what they should have done in the first place and any offer they make at this point is intended to get the conversation out of the public eye. {*I.E -- A comparable model to the one I sent Hurley Roberts for repair was listed at $220 on the Citizen website (so $110 with the 50% discount) and could be bought on Amazon for $95.}"

Gareth says

"***WARNING** DO NOT BUY OUTSIDE USA **** *** WARNING** BUYERS BEWARE***SCAM**** The whole process is a scam. I bought a watch strap from their website which was advertised as in stock and paid in full to only find out later this was not in stock. After patiently waiting and chasing I was told the item was being sent only to not receive the item. I have chased customers services many times who have told me they can not help, they take no responsibility for items purchased out of the USA and will not help in resolving the matter with the shipping agent they used. I am unable to chase anymore because of this, the local post office tell me they have no record of it being sent to me which now concerns me as I feel as this must have been a scam. Terrible customer services if it is a genuine company paid in full for no item. Buy from somewhere else."

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